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Private Alcohol and Drug Detox

Chapters Capistrano is fully licensed by the State of California as an affordable luxury addiction treatment center that specializes in private on-site substance detoxification. Through our flexible addiction treatment approach, clients receive a comprehensive and private detox experience that takes into account special needs and assists in meeting personal goals related to addiction treatment, health, and overall wellness.

Detoxification Process

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Upon admission to our addiction treatment program, each of our clients meets with our consulting physician to undergo a comprehensive health history. This process allows Chapters to determine and assess if additional health issues are present and provides the opportunity to customize a course of action for a satisfying and fulfilling private detoxification experience. Ultimately, this step in our addiction treatment process allows our clients to have their drug and alcohol issues managed by a fully-informed and caring staff.

Of course, the initial detox period varies by client as well as the nature of their drug and alcohol addiction.  As such, the detox process can last from several days to a few weeks. Chapters has experienced success with our private drug and alcohol detox process and our clients have historically responded very well to the detox protocol. Moreover, clients can usually begin to participate in primary addiction treatment and adjunct activities, all while undergoing drug or alcohol detox and making progress toward a healthier and happier life.

Detoxification Accommodations

When searching for a private detox facility to address issues related to drug and alcohol addiction in your life, or in the life of a loved one, Chapters Capistrano ranks among addiction treatment facilities with the most luxurious accommodations available. At Chapters, our clients can rest comfortably and quietly during their initial detox period with the assurance that their individual needs are being addressed by a professional and caring staff. Breathtaking ocean views abound and provide a tranquil and calming effect during this necessary step in addressing drug and alcohol addiction.

The majority of our rooms in our treatment center are private. In addition to our consulting physician, our 24-hour in-house staff monitors the vital signs and general well-being of our detoxifying clients. All of the features provided by Chapters during the detoxification process aid in our client’s maximum comfort and assist in creating an atmosphere of health and well-being.

Chapters Capistrano is committed to delivering the most comfortable and restful detoxification treatment process to our clients.

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