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A New Place to Chat With Recovering Addicts

The internet is full of different places for people to meet and talk about their addiction, but there might be a new kid on the block. Discord. Discord is a free online voice and text chat service based out of San Francisco, California. The internet service – also available as a downloadable app – was originally made for gamers, but now it serves a new purpose. Discord unites people from all around the globe under different channels to talk about common topics. And addiction is one of them.

Discord has shaken up the gaming world solely because it unites people in a setting where they can immediately talk and text chat each other. To use it, just make an account, click the “add a server” button, then read the rules of the channel before talking with people from around the globe. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

It’s very useful for managing big events called LAN parties where gamers bring there computers to a building and play games together. Discord allows them to plan events and put teams together in separate voice chats to compete. Discord is also fantastic for meeting with people from all around the world to talk about games and other topics. It’s become a very popular app used by Reddit users. There are thousands of different channels pertaining to different topics. It ranges from gaming, to Korean entertainment, and even traditional sports.

To find the common, easy-access servers, looking on Reddit for addiction subreddits is the easiest solution. But here are some possible Discord servers to join. Now Chapters Capistrano is not associated with any of these servers. They have been vetted to make sure they’re topical. That’s it.

Stop Gaming – A community set up from Reddit’s Stop Gaming community which is geared towards gaming addicts.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery – Similar set up to Stop Gaming, but it’s for people who are looking to quit an addiction to alcohol.

Changes – A small server for changing to become a better person. From weight loss to mental health and recovery from addiction. Very small server, but personable.

While these servers might not be the answer, it might help to talk with some people about addiction. If these servers aren’t for you, looking around the internet for more Discord servers could help and provide more fruitful results. And if you’re feeling ambitious, why not create and advertise a Discord server yourself? It’s easy.