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Maryland Helping People Through “Safe Stations”

The state of Maryland has found a way to help opioid addicts in their state. The “safe stations” experiment began in Ann Arundel county, which sits on the Chesapeake Bay. According to the Capital Gazette, 15 people a week have been helped since the program began – for a total of 45 people helped.

The program itself is an initiative by the county that was funded by a $287,000 grant from the state. It’s been an overwhelming success up to this point. The program turned the fire and police departments into a safe haven for people looking to find help for a drug addiction. The goal was to find five people per week to help. Instead, 15 people per week have been helped almost entirely through word-of-mouth.

The “safe station” program and their Crisis Response Team have allowed multiple people to find help for an addiction. While it’s not uncommon for people that have overdosed get help first, the people that search for help are often able to find it.

The county is working with treatment centers in the county to help those that have overdosed on drugs along with people that voluntarily commit to getting treatment. The county has seen more than 700 people overdose so far this year. And there are different facilities in the county that have been able to provide help. One specifically, Hope House Treatment Center, has been able to expand its facility due to a new federal law allowing some facilities to expand with federal dollars.

Luckily, there are also plenty of different facilities all around the country that can help the people of Maryland. But it doesn’t have to just be Maryland. People from all around the world can find help at some facilities in the U.S. One of those facilities is Chapter Capistrano. Chapters Capistrano is a world-renown facility that has helped countless people from around the country and even the world.