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Los AngelesFor those seeking drug rehab in Los Angeles, Chapters Capistrano is well worth consideration—and for a number of reasons. True enough: Chapters is located not in Los Angeles proper, but rather is a short drive away, in San Clemente. In many ways, this makes it an ideal place to seek recovery: It’s separate from the traffic and the urban grind of L.A., and it is much more affordably priced than the big-name, celebrity-powered rehabs in upscale Los Angeles.


Our professional and friendly counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More than anything, though, Chapters Capistrano is the best drug rehab Los Angeles natives will find because it takes a personalized, compassionate, and utterly holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab. For those who feel like addiction has ruined their life forever, or is inescapable and hopeless, Chapters is here—providing healing and recovery even to those who feel like their addiction is insurmountable.

Luxury Rehab, Los Angeles Amenities

One reason why Chapters is one of the leading centers for rehab in Los Angeles is that it is a truly luxurious facility. In fact, Chapters is renowned for its five-star amenities. At Chapters, we believe that your recovery is as much a matter of environment as it is medical care, and as such we go to great lengths to provide every comfort and amenity.

As for San Clemente itself, this city is known for having the finest climate in the world—sunny most days out of the year, with an average temperature of 70 degrees. It is a scenic, idyllic place to focus on getting healed and whole, and Chapters is pleased to offer multiple oceanfront and pool house locations. There is no better, no more welcoming place to focus on your path to recovery.

Medically Directed Rehab in Los Angeles

Something else that sets this Los Angeles rehab center apart is the depth of medical care offered. At Chapters Capistrano, you will find a medical staff accessible 24/7. In fact, you will meet with a physician to formulate your own plan for recovery—one that is tailored to your specific needs and the nature of your illness. We are a proud dual diagnosis facility, too, which means we take into account both your addiction and other underlying psychological disorders.

Detox and Alcohol Rehab, Los Angeles

At Chapters, you will also find on-site detox. The detox experience is a necessary first step to recovery, and our on-site services make it far more convenient. We also proudly provide executive detox services, lasting for one to two weeks.

All of our detox services are medically directed and overseen by trained addiction specialists. Chapters provides access to non-habit-forming medications, when possible, to minimize pain and discomfort—all leading to the quickest, most effective, and least painful detox possible.

One of the Top Rehabs in Los Angeles

Chapters Capistrano is a short drive from Los Angeles—and stands as an oasis of peace, tranquility, and healing. For those living in addiction’s grip, there is no better place to focus on wellness. Start the next part of your life today: Contact Chapters Capistrano right away.


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We clearly detail our recovery packages, leaving no stone upturned and everything out on the table. We make sure that our pricing is clear and straightforward from the very beginning. We believe in complete transparency with our guests, from the very moment you consider Chapters for your luxury addiction treatment center.


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Although 30 days is the average, we know everyone is unique and while some may need more time, other may need less. We’re more than happy to accommodate everyone based on their individual treatment needs. Whether you’re in need of 7-14 days of detox or 90 days of treatment, our schedule is open to you.

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We will work with your health insurance provider so that you can enjoy treatment, and all you have to do is verify your insurance with us.