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How Drugs Are Smuggled

When it comes to moving drugs around the world, there is a lot of risk. Moving mass quantities of drugs from border to border from one country where drugs are illegal to another country where they’re illegal. This means two sets of governments are on the lookout for massive movements of drugs. So how do people ship tons of drugs like cocaine and heroin across the border? That’s the biggest mystery. But we do have a few clues to what these people are doing to smuggle these disastrous drugs into the country.

Since many of the drugs come from Mexican cartels, they have a lot to gain by getting a shipment across. According to an article by the BBC, they build self-propelled semi-submersibles (SPSSs). The article states these ships are basically mini submarines that are self-propelled. To build one of these, it can cost up to $1 million. The craziest part about this situation is that these semi-submersibles might only make one trip. That’s how much money can be made transporting these drugs over the border.

Not all drug smuggling methods are this advanced though. Different cartels deal with the problem differently. But one common way that some smugglers have found to get drugs into the county is through tunnels. Some of these tunnels are built by engineers and can be decked out with electricity and rail cars. When walking near the border, you could be walking over a tunnel carrying millions of dollars worth of drugs.

Perhaps the most bizarre way that drugs have been transported across the border is through frozen sharks. In 2009, a group of Mexican marines searched a shipment of frozen sharks, according to Business Insider. Concealing drugs in seafood is a tactic cartels might use because seafood has a terrible stench and sight. So they hope that guards won’t search it.

Drug transporters are some of the most creative shippers on the planet. They have to be since they’re dealing with highly illegal products and transporting them across borders. The more they’re caught, the easier it is to find out what they’re tactics are. But it’s not always easy. Obviously. These drugs are still pouring into our borders and are threatening stability.