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Getting Back to Everyday Life After Rehab

One of the major components of recovering from addiction is attending a rehabilitation facility.  Some patients stay for a few weeks, others for a few months.  It provides a structured, organized routine that helps patients overcome their challenges and become sober.  But what happens once they complete the program?  What happens when they are back out on their own?

Unfortunately there is no “cure” for addiction.  Recovery is an ongoing process.  Each day people must make the conscious decision not to use.  And once they leave rehab, they are tasked with continuing on with this new way of life.  There are several ways that they can make this transition less overwhelming and more successful.

Focus on one day at a time.  Every day is a new start.  Focus on the here and now and making the present the best it can be.  Do not linger on events of the past.  Think about what is happening that day, or in the coming days.  What do you have to look forward to?  Use coping strategies to avoid negative thoughts and habits.  Focusing on the present will help to decrease them.

Stay active.  Many treatment programs incorporate exercise and nutrition into their daily schedule.  Continue on with these activities.  Take time to work out every day and build a stronger, healthier body.  Concentrate on fueling the body and mind with nutritious foods rather than harmful substances.  Regular exercise boosts both physical and mental health.

Create a safe environment.  If you live in an area where drug and alcohol abuse is prominent, consider moving.  Start fresh in a cleaner neighborhood.  Find a group of sober friends to spend time with who will not increase temptation to use.  Engage in activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol but rather are healthy ways to stay social and active.

Build a support system.  Oftentimes part of treatment is building a support network.  Keep these connections strong.  Talk to others about your challenges and successes.  Join a support group or community group to connect with others who have gone through similar situations.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.  If outpatient therapy is part of recovery, stick with it.

Get involved.  Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is through helping others.  Some people choose to help others work through their addictions.  Others volunteer their time with organizations or programs that have nothing to do with addiction at all.  It is a personal choice.  Find a cause to stand behind and spend time helping others in need.  This will help people to put their energy to good use and feel as though they are making a difference in the world.  It helps to build confidence and self-esteem.

Never give up.  No one said that recovery would be easy.  The most important thing is to never give up.  People should use all of the strategies they have been taught and the resources provided to help them stay sober.  One small slip-up does not mean that all of their hard work has gone to waste and they will revert to a life of using again.  It is important that they realize their mistake and take steps to regain control and stay on the path to sobriety.

Let Chapters Capistrano help you to build a healthier, brighter future.  Contact us today to find out how you can put an end to your addiction and make the most of every day.  We work with patients along every step of the way to ensure that they are equipped with the tools they need to make the right decisions.