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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Creates Tricks, Not Treats

Jack-o'-lantern jagged teeth nose stemTomorrow, October 31st, is Halloween. During this holiday, many children go to parties or go trick-or-treating, asking for candy and other treats.

Even though they’re grown up, adults still like treats too. Given the stress of everyday life, you could argue that adults need treats even more than kids. But some treats are better than others, of course.

Some adults might consider using alcohol or drugs as treats, or consider using them to unwind after a hard day. Alcohol and drugs, however, can make difficult situations even more difficult.

For example, if people fight with their spouses or partners because of substance abuse, using more of such substances is just going to create more tension and fights. To avoid or leave such fighting, people might drive away from their homes. If people are still upset and under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their intoxication could lead to accidents that hurt them or other people.

Even if the intoxicated people are lucky enough to avoid such accidents, the police might still charge intoxicated people for driving under the influence (DUI). These charges could create a great deal of hassle and time-consuming legal problems that could affect their licenses to drive. Without licenses, many people find it difficult to work and perform other tasks people often take for granted.

Without licenses, many people can’t commute to work, run errands, transport their kids, or even see their loved ones. The inability to drive can hurt the pocketbook and the emotions. It can create all sorts of upheaval in people’s lives. It can cause stress, the very thing people were trying to avoid by drinking alcohol or using drugs in the first place.

Dealing with stress is tough. But maybe people should consider spending time with people, exercising, engaging in hobbies, and participating in other activities to alleviate this stress. All are better than drinking or using drugs, behaviors that can create dangerous, costly, and, yes, stressful outcomes.