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Depression and Addiction Can Go Hand-in-Hand

It’s normal to feel sad once in awhile for no reason. It can manifest without cause, which only adds frustration to an already increasing depression. However, in recovery, this depression can feel like too much to bear. You’re already dealing with cravings, temptations, stress, and now on top of that, depression? Feeling overwhelmed is understandable, but don’t let depression get in the way of your recovery.

Not as Easy as “Get Over It”

Depression isn’t just being sad. Depression is a medical condition in which the brain isn’t producing or absorbing as much of the chemicals that regulate happiness and contentedness. It’s not something that can be fixed by just cheering yourself up. It’s not something we can snap out of; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to combat it.

Beating Depression Isn’t Impossible

Overcoming depression isn’t easy. It often takes medication, therapy, and a great deal of self awareness. However, many programs that you might enter after rehab can help you find a therapy or treatment program that’s right for you. Depression is also hard to beat alone, which is why a great deal of 12 step and non 12 step programs are designed with this in mind. Many utilize styles of therapy and group discussion that can help minimize the pains of depression. With the right program, you can successfully navigate your way out of depression and through recovery.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Depression isn’t easy, and it’s just as misunderstood and stigmatized as addiction. Like addiction, it’s not a behavior we engage in of our own free will. It’s something that’s wired into our brains, but just like addiction, we can learn to master it, and eventually overcome it. Just like addiction, we can take depression one day at a time. It’s okay to be depressed, but do your best to stay on track with your recovery. Depression can distract and overwhelm, but don’t let it control your recovery. Fight back, get help, and keep moving forward.