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Cyber Addiction

When the internet was first created, it was meant to be used as a way for people to communicate through computers across a building. In 2017, the internet has turned into a way of life. It’s not just a tool people use during their day to track spreadsheets or send messages to each other. Instead, the internet is literally life. From everyone having a computer at work to smartphones, to the popularity of portable computers, and tablets. Now, it’s becoming an addiction for many young people, and unfortunately, there is no way to quit the internet forever, so the chance of relapse is always there.

Internet addiction functions much like other kinds of addictions. People with internet addictions are isolated from the world. They spend all their time on the computer watching videos on YouTube or playing games like League of Legends. The most likely people to fall into internet addiction are teenagers. They spend all their time on Instagram or Snapchat so they can feel numb inside to ignore the troubles of school and puberty.

It may sound ridiculous, but internet addiction is starting to become a problem. In fact, the first study for internet addiction is beginning according to CNBC News. The study is being conducted at the University of Connecticut and it will take two years to complete. The ending goal of the study is to find out if internet addiction and online gambling should go into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – basically the bible of psychiatry.

In countries like China and South Korea, there has been controversy relating to internet addiction. People have died in camps trying to recover from this. Though it’s entirely the camps fault because of the way they treated clients. Either way, internet addiction is a big topic around the world and it’s finally time that the U.S. has jumped into the mix.