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Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

The addiction experts at Chapters Capistrano know addiction affects every person uniquely. Therefore, our cocaine addiction recovery program is custom-tailored to each client to achieve sobriety.

General Information

Made from the coca plant, cocaine, a crystalline tropane alkaloid, is a stimulant that triggers the central nervous system, making a user feel indestructible, while also destroying an addict’s life. Besides medicinal purposes that are government controlled, the possession of cocaine is an severe crime. The widely distributed drug is now the United State’s second most used illegal drug.

Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine may be taken orally, by insufflation (commonly known as snorting or sniffing), by injection. The fatal drug use can destroy a person’s body, shutting down the cardiovascular system and causing brain damage. Emotional side-effects also are prominent, including mood swings, paranoia, psychosis, panic attacks, and dramatic changes in personality and behavior.

Cocaine Detoxification Withdrawal Doesn’t Have tot be Painful

The Cocaine rehab program at Chapters is aware most people are avoid cocaine rehabilitation due to fear of withdrawal. Though withdrawal can be painful, Chapters is ready to facilitate a safe detox.

Our Drug and alcohol rehab center uses a drug-specific detox withdrawal process, administering prescription medication that will reduce the risk of seizure and ease withdrawal symptoms.

Chapters Capistrano knows how challenging cocaine addiction is, so we are dedicated to helping you regain your freedom from drugs. Call our 24 hour helpline at 949-371-4198. There is no time like now.

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