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Celebrity or Not, the Basic Struggles of Addiction are the Same

The media is filled with stories of celebrities battling addiction. From those who have successfully managed their addiction or are in the process, to those who continue to struggle or have unfortunately lost their fight. The eyes of the public are on them and we are drawn to their stories.

While celebrities seem to be the ones in the limelight, there are ordinary people going through the same struggles every day. We often think of celebrities as having it all and wonder how they could get wrapped up in addiction. But they are just like everyone else in many respects. They struggle with some of the same basic challenges, though in different ways.

Excessive Stress

Stress is a major trigger for addiction no matter who you are. Celebrities face mounting stress as they try to balance their career and live up to everyone’s expectations. They are expected to have it all, do it all, be it all. They are up against countless other actors for the best roles. They are fighting to have their music be a chart topper. They are under pressure to make the right decisions.

But couldn’t that be said about others as well? Job seekers are up against fierce competition for limited openings or employees are vying for promotions. You’re hoping your idea gets selected as the best one. You’re trying to fit everything in with limited time. Everyone faces stress and tries their best to cope. For some, this unfortunately means turning to drugs or alcohol.

Celebrities are also trying to make the right decisions for their families. Their every move is criticized. They want to protect their children and be there as much as possible while still managing a busy career. Non-celebrities do the same. They are also balancing long hours at work with trying to spend time with their children and raise them right.

Aiming to Please

Celebrities face a demanding crowd. They’re trying to keep directors, producers, fans, the media, and their families happy. They receive countless invites for interviews, TV appearances, events, award shows, charities, and more. This can be a lot to manage and they try not to let people down, but it’s impossible to fit it all in. It’s impossible to please everyone.

And you probably feel much the same way sometimes. Your schedule is packed and people are still asking you to take on more responsibilities. Where do you draw the line? How do you deal with inevitably disappointing someone? Some people turn to substance use as a way to push through the day or help them relax when they’re feeling burnt out. But it’s only a temporary fix.

Falling into the Wrong Culture

It’s true; celebrities often have easy access to parties where drinking and even drugs are readily available. They have connections and spend time with others who are going through the same struggles. The environment they’ve immersed themselves in may be one of late night parties, special events, and lots of drinking. Everyone else is doing the same, so they join right in to keep up with the crowd.

Ordinary folks can fall in with the wrong crowd too. You may have friends who always have a drink in hand and encourage you to do the same. Your evenings or weekends could be spent at the club or the latest soiree. You make a group of friends and tend to stick with them. Breaking off these relationships and changing your routines can be hard when going through recovery from addiction. It forces you to choose more carefully who you associate with and where you spend your time. This can be especially difficult for celebrities and put them at greater risk for relapse.

Tight Schedules

There is never a perfect time to enter rehab. Actors or musicians may have gigs lined up for the foreseeable future. Where do they find time to take a few weeks off for treatment? They may keep saying that they will after this event or once this movie wraps up. Finding the right time to get away can be hard.

You may face these challenges as well. How can you arrange for a break from work? Who will watch your children? How can you juggle your other demands and responsibilities? There comes a time when you have to put yourself and your needs first. You have to make time and have faith that everything will fall into place. There may never be a “perfect” time to enter rehab, but getting help is essential for your future. Celebrities have to realize this as well.

A Battle Worth Fighting

Obviously celebrities face some of their own unique challenges, but when you look at the basic struggles of addiction, they are the same no matter who you are. Celebrities are regular people who battle with some of the same issues as everyone else. Their life may be in the spotlight, but they want to be happy and healthy and spend time with their friends and family as well. Fortunately through drug and alcohol rehab, celebrities and non-celebrities alike can start a new chapter in their lives and make the most of their future.

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