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Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program


There are many different options for treating addiction. Inpatient treatment is often ideal because it provides clients with intensive, on-going care in a safe and structured environment. They are removed from temptation and can focus on recovery. However, not everyone is willing or able to leave home for a few weeks to participate in an inpatient program. In these cases, an outpatient program can be beneficial. Outpatient programs can also provide additional support for those transitioning out of inpatient treatment. It is an added level of care before they are more independent.

There are several ways that outpatient treatment can benefit clients:

Return home each day. Outpatient programs are typically held for several hours each day and clients continue to live in their own home. This can be a positive feature for some and a negative for others. It requires that clients are committed to attending and holds them accountable for making smart decisions at home. They must learn how to adapt to their environment. However, it also allows them to continue working and spending time with family. Not everyone is able to take time off or feels comfortable doing so. Or they may not have help available to care for their children.

Receive intensive therapy. Even though they are not in an inpatient setting, clients still have the benefit of engaging in intensive therapy. This is essential for facilitating recovery and teaching strategies to deal with challenging situations and reduce risk of relapse. For those transitioning from an inpatient setting, they are able to continue focusing on their treatment while also becoming more accountable for their actions. The environment is more dynamic but they know that they still have ongoing support to keep reinforcing what they have learned.

Apply skills more quickly. Because clients are not in the contained environment of an inpatient program, they face real-world challenges sooner than others may. When they return home, there are temptations and triggers that await them. However, this gives them the opportunity to immediately start applying the strategies and changes that they have developed. They can also discuss the challenges that they face during their next meeting and focus on coming up with feasible solutions.

Adjustable scheduling. As clients progress in their addiction treatment, they can begin to scale back on the time spent there. They may transition from daily meetings to a few days a week. Eventually they will be down to maintenance level and may find that attending support groups and occasional therapy is enough. As they become more confident and apply what they have learned, clients can boost their recovery efforts for continued sobriety.

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