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Amazon Expanding Alcohol Delivery Services

The massive corporation Amazon is working on expanding their alcohol delivery service. This could be bad for some of the most troubled people in the country that are suffering from alcohol addiction. But it could also be very good for those looking to party while actively avoiding drunk driving. Though there are some good qualities, this new move by Amazon might do more bad than good for the communities they’re being moved to.

Amazon is the company known for its flagship Prime service that offers two-day delivery on most products on their website. Besides that, Amazon has gotten into streaming services and even into the delivery market – where they’ve been working with drone delivery. The company is based in Seattle, Washington, which is where their alcohol-delivering option started. Now they’re expanding to other major cities with the goal of delivering alcohol within two hours. On the list of cities, Amazon is already in is New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco and Chicago but they’re working on going to other cities also.

This might seem like a great idea – and for many it is. It makes getting alcohol for any event easier, which could lead to people buying just enough alcohol when they need it instead of buying in bulk. This could help lead to people not over-drinking because the delivery service can always bring them more if they need it.

But it could also be very bad for people with an alcohol addiction. Alcohol on-demand is a recipe for disaster. The ability to down one case of beer/bottle of wine/fifth of liquor then immediately order a new one could be terribly scary. It could also help make depression symptoms worse. At least walking into a liquor store requires some face-to-face contact. Instead, this will just enable someone to ignore human contact and wallow in their own self-pity.

While Amazon’s new delivery service could be good for many, it doesn’t mean it’s good for all. Hopefully, Amazon is able to deal with any logistical differences because it would be good for those who drink responsibly. But for those who suffer from an alcohol addiction, this could be a death sentence.