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Am I Addicted to Heroin

by De'Meko, June 12, 2013

Heroin Addiction and Treatment

The addiction experts at Chapters Capistrano in Southern California operate a progressive heroin addiction recovery program. Because each heroin dependent is unique, we recognize that creating specialized treatment plans is essential to an addict’s success in attaining a drug-free life.

General Information

Heroin, also known as diamorphine, is produced from the opium poppy, an opioid analgesic synthesized from morphine. While heroin, under the name diacetylmorphin, can be used as an painkiller for medicinal purposes, most often it is recreationally used. Highly addictive, the drug triggers an intense, euphoric rush when used, most commonly injected. Abusers can quickly develop a tolerance, which demands an increased amount of heroin to recreate the desired effect.

Effects of Heroin Abuse

Prolonged heroin usage can significantly and negatively affect an addict’s life, including relationships with family and friends, business life, and health.  The health issues associated with heroin addiction are the dangers of using non-sterile needles and syringes, which are poisoning from “cut” heroin, contracting hepatitis C and HIV, and physical dependence. Death caused by overdosing is the most extreme risk. There are emotional side effects as well.

Heroin Detoxification Withdrawal Doesn’t Have to be Painful

At Chapters, we recognize that many heroin addicts avoid rehabilitation because they fear the withdrawal symptoms, which include anxiety, depression, nausea and vomiting. Though withdrawal can be uncomfortable, our drug and alcohol rehab center team is here to lessen that pain. We use a drug-specific detox, the most traditional and safe form of withdrawal from using heroin. Under medical supervision, clients take mild prescription medication to reduce the risk of seizure and ease withdrawal symptoms until the body is physically stabilized.

Chapters Capistrano understands how challenging heroin addiction can be to overcome. Don’t wait to call Chapters today for more information about our personalized heroin rehab program. You are one step closer to enjoying life sober. Call our 24-hour helpline at 949-371-4198.

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