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Addiction Treatment in Other Countries

There are other types of addiction treatment facilities around the world and they’re not just for drugs. Currently, two internet addiction treatment facilities in China is under fire for a death that occurred on their campus. According to the BBC and ABC News, two different teenagers were killed at these internet addiction treatment facilities.

The facility, located in Anhui province, a province in eastern China. It’s considered a boot camp for beating internet and gaming addiction. The murdered man was only at the facility for two days. His parents were notified that he was rushed to the hospital because he sustained injuries to the outside and inside of his body. His parents said that his body was covered in scars. Luckily, the government shut down the facilities in response to the man’s death. But unfortunately, the parents still lose their child.

Another incident happened recently in the southern province of Guangxi. A 15-year-old boy was beaten badly after one single day at this treatment camp. Apparently, the kid was found vomiting and was taken to a clinic where marks of abuse were found. This is where the boy eventually died.

These addiction treatment camps for internet-addicted people are all the rage in China right now. Unfortunately, they are obviously very unsafe and probably quite unhelpful. According to the ABC News article, very few of these facilities actually employ the scientific method. These facilities instead employ strict discipline. Which is where some of these deaths are coming from. These facilities were being so inhumane, they were using electroshock therapy on clients. This cruel treatment led the government to step in to discontinue the procedure.

All around the world, addiction is striking people down. While internet addiction might not seem as dangerous as drugs or alcohol, there is still a worry. While these people can still be productive, they’re unreliable and will throw away almost anything to be on the internet, including a job. While this is all the way on the other side of the world, these stories are still relevant.