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Addiction to Cocaine

Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

A top-rated rehabilitation center for treating cocaine addiction, Chapters Capistrano caters their programs to the individual’s specific needs. Because cocaine dependence affects each addict differently, Chapters’ specialized method sets up an addict for success and independence from drug reliance.

General Information

A crystalline tropane alkaloid, cocaine is created from the coca plant. While the drug stimulates the body’s central nervous system to amplify awareness and sense of ecstasy, it consequently disrupts many aspects of a person’s life. The only legal use of cocaine is for government-administered medicine needs, and so acquiring any form of cocaine is a grave offense. Still, the sale of cocaine is skyrocketing in the United States, aided by an intricate underground network, making the drug America’s second most widely used illegal recreational drug.

Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Used orally, by insufflation (commonly known as snorting or sniffing), injection, to name a few, cocaine in any form can be fatal. Not only does cocaine addiction destroy an addict’s body—most notably the cardiovascular system and brain—but emotional side-effects are just as prominent and alarming. These include paranoia, psychosis, panic attacks, mood swings, and dramatic changes in a person’s behavior and personality.

Cocaine Detoxification Withdrawal Doesn’t Have tot be Painful

We at Chapters recognize that many people believe cocaine withdrawal is uncomfortable and scary. However, our cocaine rehab program uses the most effective drug-specific detox procedures to make withdrawal endurable. Under medical supervision, prescription medication is given to clients to decrease the risk of seizure and the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, until the body is stabilized.

The drug and alcohol rehab center at Chapters Capistrano is here to facilitate your cocaine rehabilitation. Don’t wait; call our 24 hour helpline at 949-371-4198 today, and get one step closer toward a drug-free life!

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