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Shows About Drugs: “Snowfall”

The show Snowfall on FX has hit mainstream television as it highlights the influence of crack cocaine in the 1980s. The show has gotten mixed reviews from critics, but people in the audience love it for its compelling actors and actresses and the riveting story line.

Snowfall is a show that consists of three different story lines. It follows Franklin (Damson Idris) in one story line as he transitions from a marijuana dealer to get into the rough world of cocaine. In another story line, Lucia (Emily Rios) starts her own cocaine business behind the back of a drug dealer. The last story line follows Teddy (Carter Hudson). Teddy is a CIA agent that takes over a dead agent’s cocaine operation that dealt with Nicaragua.

Many critics have pointed to the lack of a cohesive story through many of the early episodes. The show has trouble finding a way to link the changing story lines that jump all over the place from character to character. The show has periods where it jumps from minor conflicts like a parental fight to murder plots. Another critique of the show is that it doesn’t quite state it’s purpose early enough. The show takes a bit to mention the entire premise of it: crack cocaine.

The show is produced by the famous producer John Singleton, best known as the director of the 1991 film Boyz N the Hood. The movie series takes place in South Central Los Angeles and was actually filmed on-site. The crack epidemic in the 1980s especially devastated this area of the country.

If you’re interested in shows about drugs or just dramas with complex story lines, this is a great show for you. While crack doesn’t have a huge influence in 2017, the importance of crack and drug culture still lingers today. It can also help explain a lot of the prevailing opinions that still linger today about crack and also cocaine.