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Addiction Risks among the Elderly and What We Can Do to Help

by Rich, May 20, 2014

One common misperception about addiction is that it is a problem that mainly impacts younger Americans and middle-aged adults; however, Chapters Capistrano has found that substance abuse does not have an age limit. In fact, recent reports have revealed that drug and alcohol abuse among senior citizens has been growing. … Continue reading

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Chapters Capistrano Highlights Positive Impact of Addiction Recovery as Part of National Prevention Week

by De'Meko, May 20, 2014

Addiction recovery facility Chapters Capistrano explains the importance of addiction recovery as part of National Prevention Week. San Clemente, CA, May 16, 2014— At Chapters Capistrano, California-based detox and flexible addiction recovery center, prevention is a major factor in ensuring the continued health of their guests and the community. As … Continue reading

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Dual Diagnosis: How PTSD Can Encourage Addiction

by Rich, May 19, 2014

Post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD, has gained sweeping attention across the nation—especially as many returning veterans have struggled with the mental health issue. The increased awareness surrounding this topic has allowed many medical professionals to explore new methods of treatment and examine the many varied signs and … Continue reading

My Addiction Is My Problem—Or Is It? The People You May Not Realize Who Are Impacted By Your Substance Abuse

by Rich, May 18, 2014

Addiction is a very personal struggle—and one that can take immense time to recover from and be comfortable with. However, many who are trapped by drug and alcohol abuse will attempt to keep the problem a secret—hiding their challenges from friends and family. Whether due to fear of shame or … Continue reading

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Getting Hooked on Gardens: How Gardening Can Improve Wellness and Addiction Recovery

by Rich, May 17, 2014

With the spring season upon us, many Americans are beginning to recognize the wealth of greenery coming out of the ground—and some may even be inspired to start gardens of their own. While many may not feel they have a “green thumb,” there is a great deal of research out … Continue reading

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Substance Abuse in the Workplace: What to Do if Your Boss is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

by Rich, May 16, 2014

When most people think of individuals who struggle with drug abuse or alcoholism, they imagine addicts who are unable to function in day-to-day life—unable to keep up with work and home responsibilities. However, functional addicts do exist and many of them may be in leadership roles—some may even be bosses, … Continue reading

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Addiction + Depression: How Hopelessness Encourages Substance Abuse

by Rich, May 15, 2014

Both addiction and depression are very complicated issues that remain heavily researched mental and physical health subjects today. While there are many mysteries and complex factors that are involved with these troubles, one thing is clear—they are not pleasant experiences to go through. Most will agree that addiction and depression … Continue reading

Recognizing Addiction: The Stages of Cocaine Abuse

by Rich, May 14, 2014

Recently, there has been a great deal of research regarding the brain and the dependency it can form to the highly dangerous—and addictive—cocaine. While this research presents subtle hope that addiction treatment may become more targeted in the future for cocaine addicts, findings have also shown what a powerful drug … Continue reading

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It’s National Police Week: How Law Enforcement Helps Fight Addiction

by Rich, May 13, 2014

May is Mental Health Awareness Month—a great opportunity for the public to learn about addiction and erase the stigma that surrounds substance abuse and recovery. While this national awareness initiative works to improve society, this month also honors those professionals who work to keep our communities safe and prevent crime—including … Continue reading

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Chapters Capistrano Addresses Troubling Trends in Painkiller Use Across America, Encourages Addiction Recovery

by De'Meko, May 12, 2014

With new evidence that America’s abuse of painkillers is on the rise, Chapters Capistrano explains why it is so important to prevent and recover from opioid addiction. San Clemente, CA, May 5, 2014— Although popular prescription painkillers, including OxyContin and Vicodin, have proven useful in helping many patients overcome chronic … Continue reading

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