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Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment

by De'Meko, June 12, 2013

Methamphetamine Addiction and Treatment

Chapters Capistrano in California offers  top-rated Methamphetamine addiction recovery. No addict is the same, so our drug and alcohol rehab center personalizes treatment plans to guarantee a client’s successful rehabilitation.

General Information

Psycho-stimulants that alter the body’s central nervous system, the highly addictive  Methamphetamine drugs can only be legally taken when prescribed by a doctor. The drugs help ADHD and some instances of obesity. Also, the drugs enhance energy level, concentration, and alertness. When someone abuses the drug, serious physical and emotional damage, and even fatality, can occur. Abusers will either inject, insufflate, smoke, or use a suppository. As tolerance builds, increased amounts are taken, making consumption that much more damaging.

Effects of Methamphetamine Use

Arrhythmias, insomnia, tachycardia, and heart attack are some physical side effects. Long-term, side effects may include anxiety, depression, violent behavior, suicide, heart disease, and, for some, schizophrenia-like psychosis. A person’s mental health, relationships with family and friends, and professional life may also suffer.

Methamphetamine Withdrawal Doesn’t Have to be Painful

The Chapters Capistrano Methamphetamine rehab program recognizes the difficulty presented by rehabilitation. Committed to ensuring a safe and successful rehabilitation, we use a drug-specific detox process. Medical staff administer mild prescription medication to our clients. Such medication is taken in tapering amounts to lower the risk of seizure and withdrawal symptoms until the body is stabilized.

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