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Marijuana Addiction Recovery

by De'Meko, June 12, 2013

Chapters Capistrano, a top-rated rehabilitation center for Marijuana addition recovery, caters programs specific to the individual’s needs. Because no person is affected by Marijuana dependence exactly the same, Chapters’ approach guarantees an addict can succeed in his/her path toward drug-free living.

General Information

Used as a psychoactive drug, as well as for some medicinal uses, Marijuana is the processed Cannabis plant. Exhibiting a mix of the properties of stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens, the psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects are the most prominent. Though many studies consider THC the main psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana, some suggest other chemicals may play an important role. For medicinal, doctor-prescribed use, Marijuana is legal. Most often, people use the drug recreationally. It is the most popular illegal recreational substance in the United States due to the number of users and extensive distribution network.

Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Some of the side effects include psychoactive and physiological effects of Marijuana include increased heart rate, impairment of short-term memory, and lowered blood pressure. Although there is dispute about the long-term effects, many think the effects are memory impairment, mental disorders, hindered intellectual growth, and weakened lung health. Marijuana has also been thought to influence anti-social behavior.

Marijuana Withdrawal Doesn’t Have Be Uncomfortable

The Chapters Capistrano drug and alcohol rehab facility wants recovery to be an option to every addict. Therefore, despite many people’s fear about Marijuana withdrawal, Chapters uses the safest, most effective and most comfortable detoxification process, a drug-specific detox. Under medical supervision, our clients are given prescription medication and monitored to ease withdrawal symptoms and lower the risk of seizure. The client continues the prescription medication until he/she is physically stabilized.

Many challenges accompany Marijuana addiction. Therefore, Chapters Capistrano is committed to providing the most knowledgeable, compassionate environment for addicts to recover. Call our helpline twenty-four hours a day at 949-371-4198 for more information about our Marijuana rehab program.

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