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Cocaine Addiction Signs

Cocaine addiction can be difficult to break because it is a very powerful drug that makes its users feel invincible, so they often want more of that feeling immediately after the high wears off. If you are concerned that you are seeing or experiencing cocaine addiction signs and symptoms, there are treatment approaches that are successful.

The first step in treating a cocaine addicted person is detoxification. This is an important step in recovery because it rids the body of the toxins and helps with withdrawals. Our professional and experienced staff is always in house to closely supervise you or your love done during this process. If you have any questions about the detox stage, call us now at 1-949-371-4198.

Cocaine addiction signs include frequent sniffing, weight loss, red eyes, frequent illness, dilated pupils, nosebleeds, increased body temperature and heart rate, nausea and/or vomiting. If you are concerned that someone you love is showing these cocaine addiction symptoms, we can help. Our treatment center focuses on a custom program that is tailored to each individual client’s own needs. We never treat two clients with the same approach.

Our facility helps overcome cocaine addictions through a targeted, step by step process that integrates many different stages of recovery. Chapters Capistrano is here to talk to you about the options and walk you through the process you can expect while visiting our facility. Call us now at 1-949-371-4198 for free help and support.

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