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Ativan Addiction Treatment


Ativan Addiction and Treatment

At Chapters Capistrano, we lead the industry in dealing with Ativan addiction. Our teams of experts work with you through a personalized program that will help treat your addiction to Ativan. We know that every case of dependency is unique and needs a unique approach to achive success of recovery from drug addiction.

General Information

Ativan is a psychoactive drug, a strong benzodiazepine that causes a sedative style of relaxation and hypnotic effect on users. It is commonly prescribed for treating sleeplessness, anxiety and often times for withdrawals from other drugs. It is safe and effective if used under doctor care, but when overused or abused for a long period of time, serious health risks are at stake.

Effects of Ativan Abuse

There are many side effects that come with prolonged misuse of Ativan. Most are related to your physical and mental health. Some of these effects include impaired coordination, depression, dizziness and more. As with most drugs, too much use can mean your body builds up immunity and therefore it takes more of the drug to reach the same feelings. This is when dependency starts to form and problems frequently happen. If used alongside other recreational drugs like opiates or alcohol, Ativan use can be fatal.

Ativan Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

We know that it is fearful to think of life without Ativan. We also understand that the thought of going through withdrawals can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. At Chapters, our Ativan rehab program is top notch and we continuously work with you through means of detox right here on site to ensure success and comfort for you. We even prescribe a mild medication for you to take during the detox process, to ease side effects and the risk of seizure.

Here at Chapters Capistrano, we know you are faced with an individual experience and challenge that brought on the Ativan addiction. We want to help you get your life back on track. Contact our friendly and helpful staff today by calling 1-800-690-4900. Start a new chapter, free from Ativan addiction.

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