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Ativan Addiction Recovery


Ativan Addiction and Treatment

Ativan addiction is one of the leading treatment programs we at Chapters Capistrano handle. The experts on our staff create custom tailored recovery approaches for each of our guests so that they can beat their Ativan addiction and regain control of their lives.

General Information

Ativan is a prescription medication given to patients with insomnia or anxiety, or in some cases as a management of withdrawals from other recreational drugs. Under supervision, Ativan is very effective for its intended purposes. When abused or misused, Ativan can cause serious health risks. Ativan is a potent benzodiazepine and is a psychoactive drug.

Effects of Ativan Abuse

Using Ativan without medical supervision can cause severe health problems. Prolonged use affects your physical and mental health with symptoms like dizziness, depression and decreased coordination. Chronic use of Ativan leads to a tolerance and dependency on the drug. It is common to increase the dosage in order to avoid the tolerance build up. This viscous cycle leads to addiction to Ativan. When used with other recreational drugs, the consequences can be fatal.

Ativan Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

We understand that having an addiction to Ativan means anxiety surrounds the thought of living life without it. But, we know you can overcome this through a journey that begins right here with us. We make the recovery process more comfortable, and manageable.

We start by creating a custom Ativan rehab program that is designed specifically for you. We will supervise a mild medication prescription dosage while you go through a drug specific detox. This eases the withdrawal pangs you may face, as well as reduces the risk of seizure. Once your body is recovered from the Ativan addiction and is stable, we taper your medication so that you no longer need any prescriptions.

Chapters Capistrano is ready to partner with you on this journey to Ativan addiction recovery. Contact our professional staff today and let’s get started by talking through your individual challenges. Just like a good friend or family member, we want you to be successful in beating your addiction. Call us now at 1-949-371-4198. Start a new chapter here at Chapters.

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