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Am I Addicted to Klonopin

by De'Meko, June 12, 2013

Klonopin Addiction and Treatment

The Chapters Capistrano drug and alcohol rehab center offers progressive Klonopin addiction recovery treatment. Since each Klonopin abuser experiences addiction differently, our treatment programs are highly individualized, ensuring an effective return to sober living.

General Information

A benzodiazepine and a psychoactive drug, Klonopin is used to sedate, hypnotize, and relax the muscles. Because the drug is commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia, and to manage withdrawal symptoms when detoxing from other recreational drugs, doctors sometimes prescribe Klonopin. However, when taken without supervision and beyond prescription limits, Klonopin is no longer effective and safe, but instead can cause serious health risks.

Efforts of Klonopin Abuse

When use of Klonopin is prolonged and unsupervised, side effects include dizziness, depression, impaired coordination, and other health issues. Chronic abuse can lead to an addict’s tolerance and dependence, and will consequently require increased consumption of the drug for the desired effect. Other problems, including death, can occur when taking Klonopin in combination with other drugs, such as alcohol, antidepressants, or opiates.

Klonopin Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

The idea of experiencing withdrawal from Klonopin withdrawal can cause many people great anxiety. We at Chapters understand this. Therefore, because we do not want any addict to put off recovery, we are committed to making withdrawal as comfortable as possible!

The Klonopin rehab process utilizes the safest, most traditional form detoxification, a drug-specific detox. Clients are prescribed mild prescription medication to lower the risk of seizure and ease detox symptoms. Such medications are taken in tapering amounts until the body is physically stabilized.

Klonopin addiction presents many challenges. We at Chapters Capistrano understand this and are committed to helping our clients tackle recovery with our personalized treatment programs. End drug dependency today by calling our 24-hour helpline at 949-371-4198 today!

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