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Alcohol Addiction Recovery


Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Chapters Capistrano is a leading drug and alcohol rehab center that personalizes programs for each of its guests. We are here to make the alcohol addiction recovery journey more comfortable and more enjoyable, because we know that it can be frustrating and overwhelming.

General Information

Alcohol contains Ethanol, which is commonly found in gasoline. It is a psychoactive drug, yes, a drug, which is highly addictive for many of its users. Alcohol is a depressant, causing an array of problems while engaging in heavy drinking. These problems include reduction in the user’s ability to react quickly, reduction in motor skills and abilities, and loss of good judgment. These can cause other problems to stem quickly, like unfaithfulness, loss of inhibitions, anger, rage, and other major life complications. Alcohol abuse can cause problems in every area of life.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Chronic alcohol use can affect every organ in the human body. Not only does alcohol abuse damage your body, but it can also damage your life. Your friends, family and work can suffer major neglect, causing depression and hardships. Alcohol is responsible for fatalities in nearly every community across the United States, taking as many as 100,000 lives each year. The long term effects of alcohol consumption include liver failure, heart failure, diseases, strokes, cancer and other major medical issues to organs throughout the body.

Alcohol Detoxification Withdrawal doesn’t have to be painful

Chapters Capistrano staffs professionals who understand what you are going through and truly want to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol. We know that you feel nervous to give up alcohol once and for all, and that you may feel worried about the withdrawal symptoms. Know this: it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

We design a treatment program that is just as unique as you and your own challenges, including a drug specific detox that is medically supervised right here on site. You will receive a mild prescription to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal and we will tier the medications so that your body can re-stabilize itself.

Chapters’ staff recognizes that you have a story that is your own and you have challenges that have led you to alcohol. We want to help you overcome these, together. You can beat your alcohol dependency. Call us now at 1-949-371-4198. We are available 24 hours a day for you.

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