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Addiction to Ambien


Ambien Addiction and Treatment

Chapters Capistrano is a leading drug and alcohol rehab center that has a highly specialized treatment program for Ambien addiction. If you or a loved one is in need of help with an addiction to Ambien, you are in the right place. Our approach ensures success overcoming addiction to this drug, which requires one on one attention due to the many unique circumstances of an Ambien addict.

General Information

Zolpidem is the generic name for Ambien, which is prescribed by medical doctors to treat cases of insomnia and in some cases, brain disorders. While Ambien can be safe and effective when used for its intended purposes, this drug is quickly becoming abused for unintended purposes like relaxation and achieving hypnotic states. With this come serious health risks. If taken for long periods of time or in higher doses than prescribed, your body can reach a sedative state, creating relaxant and hypnotic effects. Although Ambien is not a benzodiazepine drug, the effects are similar to those in that drug class.

Effects of Ambien Abuse

Long term, unsupervised use of Ambien can result in negative effects on your physical and mental health. These effects include hallucinations, amnesia, nausea, vomiting and more. As with many prescription drugs, continued use can lead to a tolerance build up that requires you to take more of the drug and/or a higher dosage to achieve the desired results and maintain the tolerance build up. It is easy to develop an addiction because your body becomes dependent on Ambien to function. Problems will arise, especially if Ambien is taking in conjunction with other drugs such as opiates, antidepressants and/or alcohol – for these combinations can be fatal.

Ambien Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

Chapters Capistrano staffs understanding professionals that know you feel anxious about going through withdrawals from Ambien. We know this is an uncomfortable thought; therefore we have created an environment that will ease these symptoms and help you from the very first step.

With our Ambien rehab program, you can engage in the safest and most tradition form of withdrawal – a drug specific detox, right here on site. The staff here at Chapters is compassionate and caring, and we know that you want to heal from your addiction. That’s why we prescribe a mild medication to you during your detox that eases withdrawal feelings and makes you more comfortable. You will slowly wean from these medications as your body stabilizes and you start to feel like yourself again.

We identify with the challenges presented by an Ambien addiction. We know you are ready to live a life free from addiction. That’s why our staff is ready and waiting to talk to you now at 1-949-371-4198. Learn more about our facility and our Ambien treatment recovery program.

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