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Predators Can Drink

Five Nashville Predators fans have brought the Stanley Cup celebrations to a new level. For the first Stanley Cup game in Nashville history, five friends met at Rippy’s near the Predators stadium. Over the course of 12 hours, the group drank 115 beers (23 beers per person) and 13 shots. Their total bar tab? $1,127. They didn’t have tickets, but perhaps tickets would have been cheaper.

The Stanley Cup is a hockey event for the NHL (National Hockey League). It’s the finals of the playoffs and is a best-of series. The first to win four games wins the most famous trophy in sports. This is the first year the Nashville Predators have made the Stanley Cup finals, making it the first time a Stanley Cup finals game was ever played at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Yahoo! Sports wrote about the group that went viral for their bar tab. The group showed up to the bar at 11 am. The location was obvious for them because it’s right across the street. They were able to get a great spot upstairs and just started drinking.

By the end of the game, the group had consumed 93 Coors Lights, a popular light beer that is often one of the cheapest options at a bar. This is an insane amount of alcohol the group consumed, and even over the course of 12 hours, it’s still a ridiculous amount of alcohol. This is why their bill went viral on social media.

In the Yahoo! Sports article, David Hudson told the story of why he’s loyal to Coors Light:

“Many years ago I fell into the Tennessee River with a soft sided cooler of Coors Light that I was wearing like a messenger bag, and I can’t swim very well,” recalled Hudson. “The cans of Coors Light were buoyant enough to float me back to the surface. How could I not [expletive] love Coors Light when it has saved my life on at least one occasion?”

There was also a deal with the Coors Light, which explains the groups’ choice of beverage.

While this was a special event for the city of Nashville, if someone is consuming this much also on a regular basis. There is a very real chance that an alcohol addiction is present. If this kind of behavior is common, there is a real chance help should be found. No one should be binge drinking to this extent on a weekly basis. No one should be drinking this much alcohol on a daily basis either, but it surprisingly happens.