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Finding Sober Friends

After completing a rehab program, there are many problems that can evolve. While the incredible task of beating an addiction and taking a step forward in recovery, it’s also a very difficult moment in a person’s life. Once out of treatment, it’s difficult to find friends. It’s also difficult to find a place to stay in a society where everything a person knows probably involves drugs or alcohol. Luckily, there is help available for someone struggling to recover from an addiction.

Once rehab is complete, what should a person do? If they were a hard drug user, their regular day might have included hanging on the streets and at friends’ houses doing drugs. If a person was a drinker, they might have drank alone in their living room or had friends at the bar. Many of these places can trigger substance use again, which is exactly what a recovering addict is trying to avoid. Many old friends are still going to be riddled with substance use, so where exactly is there to go that is safe. Luckily, there are ways to find new and sober friends.

To make it through the rest of a person’s life, it’s imperative to find sober friends. Without them, recovery is nearly impossible. Life will be too similar to what it was before an addiction was abandoned. This can lead to people taking drugs or alcohol again. Plus, having a group of friends to encourage and guide can be extremely important.

Unfortunately, making friends as an adult can be extremely difficult. It’s nothing like kindergarten or anytime during grade school or college. Back then, it was so much easier to find and make friends. Now, as an adult, it’s much more difficult. But there are many different ways to get friends.

There are post-rehab programs that help people find sobriety. They are a great way to find help and friendship. For example, if someone is a recovering alcoholic, they might find help through Alcoholic Anonymous. If a person used narcotics, Narcotics Anonymous might be for them. There are also SMART Recovery options that aren’t related to religion in any way.

On top of these in-person groups, there is also the option of social networking. For young people, this might be the best option. There are different websites that offer support through forums and meeting people. One example is It’s a global recovery community that can provide support for anyone on a moment’s notice. There are also apps that can offer a person access wherever they are in the world. All they need is a wifi signal.

There is also something known as, which is a networking site to find different groups in the area. For big cities, this can be a savior. Many groups post their events online and it’s possible to meet the leader of the group in advance. For example, there are German language groups, sports groups, and even Dungeons and Dragons in many places. This can make it possible to find a sober group that will provide things to do.

Finding friends is extremely important, especially when trying to become sober. It can be difficult, but using any means necessary to find friends is important. Plus it gets recovery off the mind.