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Technology, Recovery, and You.

It’s an understatement to say that technology is central to our everyday lives. It’s safe to say that most of us live through our technology; we post status updates, send messages, share pictures, and stay connected with the people we care about. It’s become so important to us, that to many it borders on addiction. Yet, for many of us, it’s safely essential. This is why a lot of people are scared to enroll in addiction treatment. Some rehab centers keep individuals away from technology, and for good reason. Images of drugs, or the ability to communicate with old friends who may also be addicted isn’t good for a safe recovery. However, some rehab centers believe the opposite, and with moderation and safe usage, technology can actually help you recover.

Technology has its downsides, which is why many rehabs understandably refuse to let patients partake. However, technology can also make it easier to recover. One of the hardest parts of recovery, and certainly one of the things that makes individuals so apprehensive to attend, is distance. Technology is good at many things, but one thing it exceeds at is closing distances and breaking down the walls of communication. Technology can help you stay in touch with your loved ones, which means you’ll never be far from a support group that knows and loves you. Recovery can be scary, but with friendly, familiar faces, it can be a great deal easier.

Technology can also help us relax. Nothing beats watching television or reading online after a long day, and you’ll have plenty of long days in recovery. While this is a time for you to be focusing on yourself and constantly improving, turning off for a few hours a day is central to keeping yourself centered and sane in recovery. However, some rehab centers will monitor your activity and time, but it’s for a good reason. Images of drugs or addiction can trigger cravings, and can make going through recovery intensely difficult, which is why many rehabs ban any form of technology. Still, technology can help more than hinder, which is why many rehabs allow cell phones, laptops, and more.

Technology can hurt recovery if not used wisely, but when used well, your recovery will fly by, and you’ll be feeling better before you know it. No matter how far away you are from your loved ones, or how stressed out you get, technology can save the day.