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The 3 Reasons to Choose a Faith-Based Rehab Center

For many of us, our faith is an important part of who we are. It guides us, and helps us handle both the good and bad in our lives. It’s actually because of this that faith and spirituality have been proven to be extremely beneficial when integrated into treatment. There are a few reasons why this works so well, and each point to a greater message: faith is essential in recovery.

1. Faith Guides Us During Tough Times

It’s no secret that our faith can support us during our darkest times. While addiction might test someone’s faith, it’s during these times that it’s most important. People who are spiritual or practice any faith are shown to be more adept at handling stress, and have less stress and anxiety overall. It’s no secret that faith can help us handle trying times, but science now backs up this claim with real results.

2. Faith Provides Us With Community

On top of being able to help us navigate stress, faith and spirituality provide us with community. This is important because studies have found that individuals with strong, faith-based support systems are less likely to abuse drugs, and are much better at quitting and abstaining from drug use. Many report that their communities were what kept them from relapsing, and initially supported their move into treatment.

3. It Gives Us Something To Base Our Lives Around

When addicted, your life is centered almost entirely around drugs. If you’re not thinking about where you’ll get your next fix, you’re thinking about when you’ll get it. It consumes us and everything we do. Faith and spirituality give us something new and important upon which we can build a new foundation for happy and wholesome life. The principles of almost every faith stress the importance of health, and freedom from harmful substances. Religion also offers something we can focus all of our energy into, forcing addiction to take a back seat.

Faith can’t heal an addiction, but it can certainly make it easier. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, try a faith based rehab center. The results will speak for themselves.