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Alternatives to Opioids

As an individual, it might be difficult to make an impact on the ever-growing opioid epidemic. However, you can avoid becoming addicted to painkillers yourself by engaging in some unique and rewarding alternative treatments for chronic pain. Drugs aren’t the only solution to chronic pain; in fact, many doctors are now recommending many of these treatments to patients to help slow the opioid epidemic. There are so many different treatments for pain that aren’t opioids that you’re likely to find something you’ll actually enjoy, as well as something that can help minimize your pain.


We often talk about the benefits of yoga here at Chapters Capistrano, and not without good cause. Yoga has been found time and time again to relieve not only physical pain, but mental stress as well. The barrier for entry is also very low; anyone of any level of physical fitness can start practicing yoga. It’s not difficult, and the amount of effort needed to cause a big change is very small. In fact, many continue yoga even after their pain is completely gone. It’s a great way to mitigate pain and a great hobby you can continue for the rest of your life.


Massages are one of the most common types of stress and pain relief accepted by the mainstream medical world. Unlike acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, massage therapy has clear medical benefits, and is well respected and often recommended by doctors worldwide. Massage therapy is often inexpensive, and even a once-monthly massage can make a world of difference for many different types of pain. Massages can relieve a great deal of physical and mental stress, and their benefits should not be overlooked when you’re searching for an alternative pain treatment.


Time and time again, studies have found that regular exercise can eliminate pain completely. While you shouldn’t push yourself and risk a bigger injury, you can find an exercise regiment that works for you. It won’t be long before you start to see results in areas beyond pain relief, too. You’ll start to lose weight and be more in shape in no time. Exercise is one of the most commonly recommended courses of actions after an injury, and combined with a healthy diet, it’s likely you’ll be rid of your pain before you know it.

Opioids aren’t the only way to treat pain. Finding something beyond painkillers isn’t hard, but it is incredibly rewarding. Consult your doctor today about a new, healthy, and addiction-free way to handle your pain.