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Keeping Recovery Fresh

Recovery is in many ways the reshaping of yourself. Over the past weeks, months, or even years, you haven’t necessarily been yourself. Substances like drugs and alcohol change how we act and think, and without them in our system, it can feel like you’re finding yourself all over again. While initially this might be frightening, use this as an opportunity to discover new things and rediscover yourself. Finding new hobbies and meeting new people can not only help you come back into your own, but can keep your recovery fresh and new every day.

New You, New Hobbies

New hobbies are a great way to keep your recovery fresh and new. Addiction often robs us of our motivation to do anything new or exciting, so use this time to find something new that you enjoy or even revisit a hobby from your past. New hobbies can help you branch out from the life you’re used to, which can make recovery feel fresh and less repetitive. Recovery can often feel like you’re running on a treadmill, trying to keep up with your goals and schedule. New experiences and the benefits that come with them can make it feel far less like a treadmill and much more like a walk outside in the fresh air.

Meet Someone New

Hobbies are good for more than just keeping you occupied and busy. Hobbies, especially ones that get you outdoors or with groups of people, can stimulate you in unexpected ways. Meeting new people and seeing new places can make every day in recovery something new and exciting. Forming meaningful connections with new people can be intimidating, but it’s also incredibly important for your recovery. Through new friends and acquaintances, you can get back to feeling like yourself, and maybe even forming some relationships that can last a lifetime.

Recovery can feel tedious and repetitive. This is normal; however, there are plenty of ways to counteract this. Now that you’re sober, you are free to do anything you can imagine. Don’t let recovery feel boring; instead, go out and discover something new, and while you’re at it you might just rediscover yourself.