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What Happens Right After You Enter Treatment for Addiction?

Many recovery blogs focus on what happens long before treatment and what happens long after treatment. Focusing on the before and after is what we often find ourselves doing in regards to addiction. There’s often a clear line where we get off of drugs or alcohol and seek treatment, creating a very stark before and after relationship. However, what happens right at that line? What happens between getting treatment and finally getting rid of addiction? A lot, actually. In fact, some of the most drastic changes in your life will happen right between the “before” and “after”.

Your Emotions Change

We’ve discussed how your emotions can take the brunt of recovery. Especially after detox, your emotions will be in flux; they might be unrecognizable, or exaggerated forms of their normal selves. These are often referred to as surge emotions, and they’re extremely common during the early phases of recovery. Once your body begins to produce the neurotransmitters that control your emotions at a normal rate, you’ll get back to feeling like your old self.

You Might Struggle With Mental Effects

Many drugs, especially in the period immediately after detox, can leave a lasting effect on your mental well-being. As your body is adjusting to the absence of a drug, you might experience depression, anxiety, and fluctuating levels of stress. This isn’t uncommon though, and every rehab center and detox program is specifically designed with this in mind. This may be the most uncomfortable part of recovery, but it’s well worth it to begin a drug-free life.

Your Personality Might Change

It’s no secret that drugs and alcohol can change how we act and think. When addicted, our thoughts and actions are dominated by the constant desire to fuel a seemingly never-ending addiction. It’s not uncommon for someone consumed by this struggle to lose who they are in the fight. Once our minds and bodies are free of the influence drugs and alcohol can have, it’s easy to find the personality that had been covered up by addiction. Rediscovering your personality and who you really are is one of the most rewarding parts of the entire recovery process.

More Than Just “Before” and “After”

It’s important not to forget that there’s a fairly substantial amount of time between the “before” and “after” of addiction. Some of the most meaningful experiences and challenges you’ll have in recovery happen right here. Facing them head on will not only make your recovery that much better, but it’ll make everything that comes “after” that much more rewarding, too.