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How Simple Hobbies Can Help You Find Yourself

No one ever said it was easy to start your life again after rehab. It can often feel like a shock to the system: rehab is like a defibrillator, and now you’ve got another chance. But you’ll be a little disoriented at first, or at least it’s normal to be that way. We talked briefly earlier about how finding yourself during recovery can be difficult. It can easily feel like we’ve lost a lot of what made us us. However, there are ways that make rediscovering yourself in recovery easy and fun.

Connect With Yourself

The first thing you can do is get back to your hobbies. Rehab is meant for recovering, and if your hobby is something that can’t really be done in rehab (collecting, sports, video gaming, etc.) it’s nice to be able to get back to enjoying your pastimes. Find the things that make you you. For some, this can be music. Music connects us to different times and places, and this can help us get back to being the person we once were. Music is something that helps many of us define ourselves, and anything that helps shape who we are can definitely help us in recovery.

Branch Out

Our hobbies and interests can help in more ways than one. As with music, they can help us reconnect to ourselves and can help us focus on things besides addiction or cravings. However, they can also help us connect with others, which is extremely important during recovery. If you like sports, try and join a local league or team. They can help you connect with others and also your community in a healthy and meaningful way. If you’re into collecting or playing games, go to local conventions or meetups. Every hobby has a way to get out and connect with others, you just have to look for it.

More Than a Distraction

Most people assume that the only purpose a hobby serves in recovery is as a distraction. This is simply not true. Hobbies are a way to connect not only with yourself, but the world around you as well. Doing both is an essential part of recovery. You’ll feel better, you’ll do better, and you’ll enjoy it every step of the way.