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Reducing Risk of Adderall Abuse


Adderall can be a very effective medication for those struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It helps to regulate chemicals such as dopamine in the brain and enhance focus while reducing hyperactivity and impulsivity. This can support those with ADHD in being able to function more effectively and efficiently.

However, Adderall has also become a medication that is misused by those who do not have ADHD. College students in particular have turned to Adderall as a way of coping with academic demands while enjoying their social life. They take it to stay up later and longer studying with fewer distractions. Because they don’t have a medical need for the medication and are not under the care of a physician for it, it can become dangerous and increase risk of addiction. Side effects can include mood swings, headache, nausea, depression, insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth, and paranoia.

There are more effective ways for students and professionals to enhance their productivity without turning to Adderall, especially if it is not prescribed.

  • Time Management: Making the most of available time without burning yourself out can support you in being more productive. Create a list of assignments or projects that are due along with their deadlines. Prioritize what must get done first and what can wait. Develop a schedule that accounts for classes, meetings, appointments, and other responsibilities that will take away from time spent on the task. Then schedule times and progress goals to keep yourself more on track as you work.
  • Reduce Distractions: Create a workspace that is conducive with your needs. If you know you are easily distracted looking out the window, position yourself to look somewhere else or find a space without windows. Clear away any excess clutter that you may be tempted to engage with and leave out only what you need to get the task done. If soft music or silence helps you to concentrate, make these adjustments.
  • Plan for Breaks: Scheduling breaks for yourself can increase your immediate focus. By knowing that working hard now will earn you a break in 15 minutes, you can use that time more strategically. Short breaks can also allow you to reset your attention and burn off excess energy by stretching and moving.
  • Know your Limits: Everyone is able to comfortably handle different levels of demands and amounts of work. Know what you can realistically accomplish and don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate. For college students, plan your schedule accordingly so that your classes are balanced and the workload is not too overwhelming. For professionals, know when to say no if asked to take on additional work. Also learn to delegate responsibilities when appropriate.

While these strategies will not necessarily eliminate issues with focus or attention, they can help you to become more proactive and plan accordingly. For those with ADHD, ensure you are taking your medication only as prescribed and do not share with others. If it does not seem to be as effective as it once was, talk to your doctor. Implementing strategies for organization and time management can help you to feel more in control and less rushed. This in turn can reduce the temptation to take substances such as Adderall which can lead to misuse or addiction.

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