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The Benefits of Having a Flexible Length of Stay in Addiction Recovery


Most people considering addiction recovery or residential rehabilitation options for the first time will think of standard programs that last for 28 days. Others who are ordered into recovery centers via court decision may find that they are afforded treatment, but only for a certain amount of time—like a few weeks.

What many may not realize is that addiction is a highly individualized problem, meaning that all those wishing to recover may need their own timeframe to confidently enter sobriety. At Chapters Capistrano, we not only believe in offering our guests flexible treatment options, but also making sure that they are able to stay as long as they need to recover. Our flexible lengths of stay have benefited many of our guests by:

  • Providing No Pressure to Recover Faster

While detox programs are designed to help a person’s body cleanse from a particular substance within a set time period, the actual timeline of recovery—both physically and psychologically—is hard to determine. Individuals who feel that they are quickly approaching an exit date or that they have to “recover” by a certain time may focus less on themselves and more on the approaching deadline. With flexible stay length, guests are given an opportunity to not worry about the future, and instead stay focused on the factors they need to overcome in recovery.

  • Offering Opportunity to Explore Different Treatments

Many individuals who have entered drug or alcohol rehab in the past only to relapse later, may find that the treatment approach they followed was not the right fit. Those in recovery who are able to explore flexible treatments with an open stay length may be able to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. For example, if a person finds that one treatment option is not working, they can feel comfortable in taking more time to add to or switch the recovery modality.

  • Preventing Relapse

One of the greatest fears of individuals in recovery is that they will once again succumb to the desire to abuse drugs or alcohol. While relapse is possible for any recovering addict, there are many ways rehab programs can work to help prevent this—and prepare individuals on how to respond if they do fall back into old habits. Relapse is common among individuals who may have gone through detox and withdrawal, but have not taken the time to really explore sobriety and tend to the psychological issues that may have contributed to prior substance abuse. With a flexible stay length, residential rehab guests are able to comfortably address every factor connected to their addiction, as well as understand how to respond to specific triggers without engaging in substance abuse.

Take the Time You Need to Recover at Chapters Capistrano

If you are searching for an addiction recovery program that is comfortable, welcoming and flexible—in treatment and stay length—look no further than Chapters Capistrano. We are located on the coast of Southern California and provide private accommodations to ensure that our guests feel at home while they recover. With the assistance of our trusted, talented staff as well as our comprehensive wellness programs, it is our priority to ensure that every individual who leaves our facility is comfortable to embrace sobriety.

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