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Addiction + Fear: Why Being Afraid Prevents People from Seeking Recovery


Addiction is a problem that affects millions of Americans, and yet only a fraction of these people seek the help that they need. While people have their own reasons for or against seeking treatment, there is one major factor that many find is standing in their way: fear. There are many things that they fear, and this can become overwhelming and deter them from getting help. However, people should not let these fears stand in their way of taking back control over their life.

Fear of Detox

When a person’s body has become used to a certain drug or alcohol, quitting using can lead to withdrawal. The symptoms range in severity depending on the person and the substance, but can range from anxiety, agitation, and insomnia to nausea, vomiting, sweating, and achiness. While it can seem scary, ridding the body of these toxins is a necessary step in the journey to recovery.

Through medically supervised detox programs, however, patients have less to fear. They will be carefully monitored by doctors who will work with them to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. There are many ways in which they can help to reduce the effects and severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Fear of Change

For many addicts, drug and alcohol use has become a major part of their life. They are not sure how to deal with the challenges of life without these substances. If they decide to enter rehab, what will they do? They will be forced to make significant changes to their life and lifestyle, and this can be scary. However, these changes are for the better.

In rehab, patients learn effective strategies for coping with difficult situations and avoiding triggers and temptation. They work through the issues that previously led them to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. This is not something that they will be doing on their own; they will have a great deal of support in learning how to make these changes and improve their quality of life.

Fear of What Others Will Think

Unfortunately addiction still carries with it a social stigma. While this stigma has decreased over time, many people are still worried about what others will think about them. They should keep in mind that addiction is a disease just like many other chronic conditions. People get help for other problems all the time, and addiction should not be any different.

Regardless of what others may think, people should remember that they are doing this for their own health and well-being. Their addiction is having a negative impact on their life and relationships, and they are taking steps to change this. They should be proud of their strength and determination to lead a healthier life.

Fear of Failure

Addiction is a chronic disease. Recovering addicts must make the conscious choice every single day not to use. For some, this can seem overwhelming and they may fear that it is not something they are capable of. However, through treatment they will see that they can be successful. They will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to stay clean and sober.

An occasional relapse does not mean that the person has failed; it simply means that they need to adjust their approach. There are many strategies for resisting using drugs and alcohol. It is a matter of creating a plan that works for them. Fear of failure should not be a reason to not seek help because the person will be surrounded by support and people who want to help them succeed.

These are just a few of the fears that can keep people from going to drug and alcohol rehab. In the end, they must overcome these fears and see that the benefits of getting help are far greater. If you, or a loved one, know that you need help but are scared of the journey, contact Chapters Capistrano today to see how we can help. We will work with you along each step of the way.