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Who Abuses Adderall?

20-30 percent of students at competetive colleges abuse Adderall

Typical Users of Adderall

The individuals who are likely to abuse Adderall are often surprising when compared to other drugs because they are often the students who are competitive and reach for high achievement standards. The typical users of Adderall for non-medical purposes are not the students who are falling behind or the students who have a high risk of substance abuse due to traumatic experiences in their life.

Medical Use of the Drug

Adderall is a medication that was originally designed to help individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD or as a treatment for narcolepsy.
When the medication is taken as directed for the central nervous system disorders, it is a helpful treatment that can make it easier to get through normal activities.

The problem with Adderall is that many individuals use the drug for non-medical purposes. Even individuals who are given the drug for legitimate medical reasons may fall into substance abuse habits by taking more than their doctor recommends to maintain the same level of mental function.

Adderall is made with amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, so it is a habit forming drug that can develop into an addiction on accident. Any accidental addictions primarily relate to using a larger amount of the drug than recommended or gradually increasing the dosage to get the same impact. When a tolerance for the drug develops, the risk of an addiction increases.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Medical uses for Adderall[/twocol_one_last]

Non-Medical Use of the Drug

Unlike many other medications and illicit drugs that are available on the market, Adderall is not primarily used for a sense of euphoria or for parties. According to the University of Southern California, students are the primary source of illicit Adderall abuse because of their justifications.

Many students in college assume that since Adderall is a prescription medication it is not as dangerous as illegal substances. Students feel that the drug is more similar to drinking coffee as an aid to help improve concentration, states the University of Southern California.

As a result, they do not feel that it is morally wrong to use the substance and they assume that it is safe as long as the medication is used in a moderate dose.

The other justification is that some students feel they were never diagnosed with ADHD, but that they exhibit the signs of the mental health condition. As a result, students assume that since the medication seems to help, they are getting the appropriate solution to their problems with their attention span.

7 percent of students take Adderall to improve grades

The Examiner reports that Adderall abuse rates increase when students are under pressure, such as during final exam periods or when major tests are taking place. College student take the medication in an effort to alleviate fatigue and improve their ability to concentrate.

Although the reasons for taking the medication may seem justifiable, the drug is dangerous. It can have negative effects on the human body, especially when it is not used for the medical condition it was designed to treat.


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