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Adderall Addiction Recovery

Adderall Addiction and Treatment

Chapters Capistrano is a drug and alcohol rehab center that offers Adderall addiction treatment through one of the best and most effective programs available. You can regain sobriety and healthy living here with us at our facility that offers an on-site detox experience.

General Information

Adderall’s intended medical use is primarily to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more often referred to as ADHD. It helps reduce the symptoms of the disorder without causing major side effects. Other medications to treat ADHD, such as Ritalin, have shown in studies to be less effective and less potent. Although with amphetamines like Adderall and other prescription drugs, it isn’t uncommon for users to become addicted for uses other than the original intent. Adderall has become widely known among younger users for its ability to help with studies, and also, on the flip side, for partying. Some users experience weight loss, therefore it has become popular for that as well. Abusing Adderall can cause a downward spiral into addiction as it is a strong amphetamine and with long term us can impair brain chemistry.

Effects of Adderall Abuse

Frequent use of Adderall can cause your body to build up an immunity, which means you will increase the dosage to get the same feeling or rush from it. Overusing Adderall can cause problems like insomnia, irate behavior, anxiety, paranoia and more. If it is snorted, it causes an increase in your heart rate and blood pressure, which are dangerous effects. Once the effects wear off, common crash symptoms will occur like depression, irritability, nausea and exhaustion. Your body can become dependent on Adderall for daily function with long term use. If you try to discontinue using Adderall without professional help, it is likely you will experience withdrawals, which include nervousness, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and even nightmares.

Adderall Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

You may feel nervous about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab center for treatment of your Adderall addiction, however, at Chapters Capistrano, we work with you to make it as comfortable as possible.

We will help you overcome the addiction by treating you first with a drug specific detoxification, right here on site. You will receive a mild prescription with medical supervision that will help curb the side effects from withdrawals, and keep the risk of seizures to a minimum. These medications will be tapered off so that your body can become stabilized and healthy again.

Chapters Capistrano realizes that there are individual challenges you face with an Adderall addiction. By contacting us today, we can help you start regaining control of your life and find the path to happiness. We are available to speak with you any time, day or night, at 1-949-371-4198. Start a new chapter of life with us here at Chapters.

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